International Baccalaureate: is it any good?

Published in The Daily Telegraph, 29 Apr 2013

The International Baccalaureate is increasing in popularity. But does it carry sufficient clout with universities? Jon Cartwright reports

The International Baccalaureate goes down well with sixth formers at Finham Park School in Coventry, who have opted to take its diploma programme. But ask them whether they think their friends studying for regular A-levels are jealous, and they laugh. Harriet Carrington, 18, explains, “I think you have to take the IB to appreciate what it actually gives you.”

If Harriet and her friends are in on some sort of prized secret, then it is becoming a less exclusive one. Little by little, students are turning away from A-levels and taking up IB diplomas instead, to the extent that last year IBs made up about 1.2 per cent of pending qualifications for university applications – up from 0.8 per cent in 2008, according to Ucas figures. […]

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