Crossing Europe on the hydrogen highway

From Bergen in Norway to Bolzano in Italy, specialised refuelling stations mean that drivers of hydrogen-powered cars can now travel right across Europe.
Hyundai, Toyota and Honda have all developed – and commercialised – cars powered by hydrogen gas. While there are just a handful on Europe’s roads at the moment, that’s all about to change because of a concerted effort to put hydrogen technology into the fast lane.

Hydrogen works in a ‘fuel cell’ to generate electricity, which can drive a car’s wheels via an electric motor, emitting nothing but water vapour in the process.

‘Our activities aim to improve accessibility and interoperability of stations,’ explained Dolly Oladini, the assistant project manager for HyFIVE, one of a group of research projects that are working collectively to deploy thousands of hydrogen vehicles across Europe, and set up dozens of refuelling stations. […]

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